Guinness – Foreign Extra Stout Relaunch


• To create awareness and excitement around the launch of the Guinness Foreign Extra Stout New Bottle.

Approach – Teaser phase

  • Considering the audience as Youths, it was important to have an intrigue element, hence a teaser cum reveal in an innovative manner.
  • Teaser creative in the form of ‘Countdown Timers’ in anticipation of the launch event.
  • Mouse Pointers in a shape of a bottle (unbranded) were deployed as teasers on top of traffic driven entertainment websites and blogs. Objective was to get attention.
  • SEM was leveraged in anticipation of curiosity that would trigger likely searches.
  • Pre-roll video ads were deployed on YouTube for the concert (Launch event to unveil the new bottle)
  • Display banners were deployed across the Google Display Network to get faster and maximum reach in the shortest possible time.

Approach – Launch phase

  • ‘Site Takeovers’ on top Nigerian blogs and entertainment sites.
  • Unveiled and launched the first ever custom FES Branded Mouse Pointers on top of leading entertainment websites and blogs.


  • Tickets issued for the launch concert sold out by 300%
  • #ColourfulWorldOfMore used in conversations trended at top on Twitter.
  • Massive visibility across all web platforms edged out competing brands and increased more buzz of the brand offline, till date it happens to be the most recalled campaign.