Ribena – Purple Party Campaign


  • To launch the Ribena in a ‘Can form’ which is considered Cool.
  • Create massive awareness online for Purple Party.
  • Get target group to visit the campaign microsite, participate and win free tickets to the Purple Party event.

Approach – Teaser phase

  • Deployed teaser creatives on all various platforms considering the target group’s interests and passion points.
  • Deployed blog articles on popular blog sites to create talkability.
  • Deployed a yahoo mail login page takeover for impact and increase campaign visibility.

Approach – Launch Phase

  • Mirrored launch on all teaser target platforms to ensure that audience members who saw the teaser, know the reveal message.
  • Deployed blog articles on popular blog sites and yahoo mail login to create talkability.


• #PurpleParty went viral online after the reveal of the new can.